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Exam Exemption Policy

Exam Exemptions

Sackville High School will offer exam exemptions in 2017-18. Students in Grades 10, 11, or 12 must meet the following criteria to be eligible for an exemption in a semester. Each high school, in consultation with the School Advisory Council and parent, is permitted to allow students to exempt from one examination per semester.  Exemptions from examinations are subject to the following regulations as determined by senior staff in consultation with high school principals.

 Absences During Exams

Students who are absent from school that results in a missed exam must provide medical documentation to excuse the absence. Students with appropriate documentation will be asked to write their exams at a later date.

The following courses are eligible for an exam exemption: 

Astronomy 12

Biology 11 and 12

Canadian Families 12

Career Development 10 and 11

Chemistry 11 and 12

Child Studies 11

Community-Based Leaning 10

Entrepreneurship 12

Français 10, 11, and 12

Health and Human Services 12

Human Biology 11

Law 12

Oceans 11

Physics 11 and 12

Sociology 12

Tourism 12




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