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Ms Burns Gr 9 French Immersion Math and Science

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am pleased to announce that we have acquired a recent graduate of St. FX to complete the school year for the Grade 9 French Immersion Math and Science courses. Her name is Ms. Burns. She has a Bachelor of Science with a major in math and curriculum methods in secondary French. She is very excited and pleased to be given this opportunity and has been preparing since Thursday when she arrived at the school to see the classes she would be working with.

Ms. Burns has a lot of experience working with students in many extra-curricular activities that should assist her in making connections with her students. She is looking forward to having a productive working relationship with all her students. As yet, she does not have an HRSB email address but she can be contacted by leaving a message at the main office.

Along with the staff, we welcome Ms. Burns to Sackville High.

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