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Change to Class Caps in High School

We are looking forward to welcoming all students back to school on Thursday, September 7.

One thing as a school we want to bring to your attention this year is the introduction of class size caps and what it will mean for our school.

A maximum class size for all high school classes. According to the provincial directive, “Classes for grades Ten to Twelve are capped at 30 students (soft cap), up to 32 students (hard cap). Creating combined classes may be appropriate.”

Our school has worked extremely hard throughout the spring and summer to ensure all of our classes will meet these guidelines. Please do not be concerned if your son or daughter  tells you there are classes above the maximum size.

Enrolment always fluctuates  during the beginning of September. Our first priority is to assign students a time table and then make adjustments if necessary.

If you have any questions related to class sizes, please don’t hesitate to contact the school and speak with one of the administrators.

Thank you for your understanding.


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